Parisians tend to eat dinner at 8:00 PM or later. You may not find restaurants open until this time. Unlike other countries, it’s rare to find nicer restaurants open between meal times, but cafes are open all the time.
Try some traditional French dishes that you may not have tried at home. My recommendations? Escargots (snails cooked in garlic and butter), steak tartare (raw beef mixed with spices and an egg), confit de canard (duck cooked in its own fat), cassoulet (a dish with beans, sausage, and confit de canard), quiche lorraine (quiche with cheese and ham), and moules marinières (mussels cooked in white wine, garlic, and spices). And plenty of macarons, baguettes, and pains au chocolat, of course!
The proper French meal ends with cheese. And it’s serious business in a country with a cheese for every day of the year.
For an ultimate steak frites experience, visit Le Relais de L’Entrecôte. You’re served a mini steak frites, and after you’re finished, they bring you another steak and some more frites.

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